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Your POA has done and continues doing the following:

  • Grading your streets for flood prevention 

  • Making street, road, and intersection improvements 

  • Fighting to preserve your Green Zones

  • Installing culverts for flood prevention

  • Installing street signage

  • Building bus stops, sidewalks, and headwalls for your protection

  • Donating to help the Coast Guard maintain their boats

  • Donating to help local police repair their vehicles

  • Donating computers and printers to local police

  • Donating repairs, remodeling, paint, electrical wiring, lighting, books, and supplies to improve substandard Potrero elementary school

  • Donating personnel and equipment for numerous charity fundraisers

  • Organizing and operating fund raising bi-weekly POA Bingo

  • Eliminating local graffiti and illegal roadside signage

  • Accepting the Beach BLUE FLAG Committee honor for cleanest Guanacaste beach

And we continue to:

  • Fight to establish a Surfside police substation

  • Fight for additional streetlights and cameras and security monitoring

  • Fight for more and better police protection and awareness

  • Increase awareness of our area as a preferred destination via membership in various government agencies and tourism groups

  • Work to secure government investment in local parks and infrastructure

  • Maintain POA website, Member Chat, and Business Advertising and Info Chat 

  • Establish an ADI that will be eligible for government funded local improvements

  • Maintain POA books and records and report monthly financial results

  • Conduct annual members General meetings and monthly Board meetings

  • Protect and reclaim the Green Zones

  • Provide CPR and safety awareness instruction for the community


Go to for more info and join as a property owner or a supporting local business

Or email us at

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