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About Us

Surfside Property Owner's Association is a legally sanctioned community association located in beautiful Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast in the community of Playa Potrero. Our association's goal is to help make Surfside a vibrant and wonderful community to live in and visit, with values revolving around community, harmony, and taking care of the environment. Surfside is a beautiful beach community because of our shared commitment in creating a vibrant and sustainable community for residents and visitors alike.


The Surfside Property Owner’s Association exists to nurture a secure, harmonious, and sustainable community underpinned by mutual respect and kindness. 


Our purpose is to enhance the well-being of our residents and the integrity of their properties, guided by ethical stewardship, fiscal prudence, and the judicious use of natural resources. 


We champion the spirit of voluntary participation and collective action, aiming to create an inclusive environment that is safe, welcoming, and beneficial for everyone who lives and works within our community.


Safety: We are committed to enhancing the safety of our community, safeguarding the physical, emotional, and environmental well-being of all residents and their properties.


Kindness: Kindness is at the heart of our community ethos, promoting a culture of empathy, consideration, and mutual support that reinforces our communal bonds.


Harmony: We strive for harmony, embracing diversity, fostering constructive dialogue, and encouraging collaborative solutions to enhance our community's cohesion and resilience.


Moral and Ethical Integrity: Our actions and decisions are anchored in moral and ethical standards, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability.


Fiscal Responsibility: We are dedicated to managing our financial resources wisely, ensuring the sustainable growth and protection of our community's assets for the benefit of current and future residents.


Resource Sustainability: We are diligent stewards of our natural resources, focusing on the responsible use and conservation of water. Recognizing water's preciousness, we commit to practices that embrace sustainability — reduce waste, preserve quality, and ensure its availability for future generations. 


Community Welfare: Our efforts are focused on improving all community members' quality of life, ensuring that residents and those who work here enjoy a thriving, supportive environment.

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