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Security Recommendations

The Surfside POA places a great deal of emphasis on the security and safety of our community. We firmly believe that the best way to achieve this is through a collaborative effort between law enforcement and our community members. By working together, we can create a safe and secure environment that benefits everyone.

Measures before, during and after an event

  • Be attentive to any suspicious movement of vehicles or people and report immediately to 911 for Police assistance, or +506-2654-6136 for Tourist Police Flamingo.

  • As far as possible, take photos or videos, write down license plate numbers and characteristics of suspicious people.

  • Set alarm systems from a formal and trusted company that provides official invoices or contracts, so that in case of malfunction you make a claim or file a police report.

  • Always consider situations where criminals use distracting elements or pose as false officials of a public or private entity.

  • Vary the routine and hours of entry and exit from the residence.

  • Always be alert to your surroundings when you have to leave or enter your home.

  • In case of an alert or event, call 911 immediately, or +506-2654-6136.

  • Always keep calm, do not face any criminal.

  • In case of incidents, try to observe characteristics, marks or details that can help the police in their investigative work. Write down license plate numbers. If possible and discretely take pictures or videos of cars, persons, etc.

  • Preserve the scene and only give details of the situation to the authorities, maintain the privacy and discretion of any sensitive information. The leakage of important information can spoil any action or investigation that the OIJ is doing.

  • Do not share sensitive information, photos or videos in social media or on WhatsApp groups.

Actions you can take

  • Check keys and locks on doors, windows and gates, making sure they are in good condition.

  • Carefully review the internal procedures for handling keys, codes and access with staff and employees.

  • Create awareness with the staff and employees about the current security of the community and request all the necessary collaboration.

  • If you are doing construction or remodeling, get advice from a quality inspector to ensure that the window and door locks are adequate and properly installed, including any security elements.

  • If keys have recently been lost, the locks must be rekeyed.

  • If electric gate remote controls have recently been lost, replace them with new codes.

  • Change the code numbers of the electronic keys.

  • Review the networks of security cameras, alarm systems and lighting making sure they are working well and if they do not, try to invest in surveillance equipment.

  • Illuminate outdoor areas of the residence and nearby areas.

  • Secure your residence or business before leaving.

  • Secure your household valuables before leaving the residence or going to bed.

  • Always secure your vehicle and do not leave valuables inside.

  • Prune bushes and branches that are obstructing the panoramic view of the cameras and the good lighting of access points to the properties.

  • Be discreet with personal information towards employees and people who are not from your circle of trust.

  • Whenever possible use only recognized formal taxi or transportation services.

  • DO NOT share any personal information with cab drivers, or anyone else who you don ́t know personally.

  • DO NOT let transportation services on your property to assist with luggage.

  • Use only recognized, verifiable, and recommended workers for construction, repairs, services, massages… Ask the POA chat, your neighbors or property managers for referrals.

  • Do not hire workers or sellers soliciting from the street or let them in your yard

  • Review employee hiring procedures, DO NOT hire strangers before verifying immigration status, documentation, recommendations, and request a police record, photocopy of identity or residence cards or passport, information on telephone numbers, residence and without a proper interview.

  • Limit the access of employees and staff to the properties strictly to those authorized, prohibit the entry of external “visitors” or “companions”.

  • Cooperate between neighbors in the surveillance of the streets.

  • In case of leaving houses alone, ask someone you trust to help with surveillance.

  • If necessary, seek professional advice for inspections and security procedures.

  • In the case of Property Managers that do not have established security procedures, seek professional advice for security issues and hiring personnel.

  • They must involve property owners in important decision making.

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