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Please welcome Jesús Gamboa, our Person of Many Skills, as a full-time employee on the Surfside POA.


Jesús has been working diligently for over ten years for the Surfside POA, making sure that all the work required to keep our neighborhood beautiful and safe is done so all of us can enjoy our community.

His duties have included, but are not limited to, cleaning all areas around local bus stops, clearing out gutters and keeping them free of debris, maintaining the cleanliness of roadways, picking up after builders at construction sites, and more.

With the growth in our area and the increase of full-time residents and seasonal renters, Jesus' role in the POA is expected to expand to include even more!

If you see Jesús around town, please take a moment to stop, introduce yourself, and give him some love. He's a tremendous asset to all of us!

If you have any suggestions or requests for Jesus, either for your own needs or the community as a whole, please let us know by contacting



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