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Supporting Potrero Children

In October 2023 community members and local business worked together to make needed repairs to the Potrero elementary school.

" Mission accomplished! This has been an amazing day as the final paint strokes were applied to the classroom walls of the Potrero School. And to think this initiative began less than four weeks ago with a plea for donations to install new air conditioning and repair the ones that were inoperable along with installing new LED lighting in all of the classrooms. The classrooms were also repainted, walls repaired and mold issues taken care of. It is astounding how this community came together donating the funds and volunteering many hours of hard work. I’m not going to attempt to name all of the donors and volunteers as I’m sure I would forget someone. At the same time there are a few that I must give credit to, Mo Haniff for donating his time and skills to install the LED classroom lighting, Leticia Moreno, Monica Tomlinson, along with Jeff & Deb Goode along with their Victory Charter Fishing crew who came to the rescue today and finished the job. But once again this would have never been accomplished without you the donors."


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