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The Good Stuff - April 2024

Updated: May 1


Those are just a few good things in Surfside. This newsletter aims to recognize and celebrate all the good stuff around here. Please send me (Christine) your contributions by using the Contact form on this page. This is not a place to advertise, it is a place to celebrate the good things.


For example, Peter N. saw a sea turtle while snorkeling at Flamingo. What is better than that!? Tell us all about your good experiences: a great sunset, a tasty wave, a wildlife spotting, a nice encounter with someone, something that made you smile or gave you a feeling of awe.

Photos are welcome.


This is where we acknowledge all the

good stuff that people are doing. Send me  all the nice things that you have caught people doing for others or for the community (unless you think they’d like to remain anonymous).


Our first shout out goes to the person or persons who planted the trees on Mango. Thank you!


This is also the place to acknowledge upcoming birthdays for the month. Send me birthdays for May. You don’t have to include the year! Give us a chance to sing Happy Birthday all month!


This is the place for quotes, jokes, poems, or prose that bring a good feeling.


Here is one of my favorites…


“We all need this quiet unfolding, the passion to paint what we dream, the honesty to only paint what we know, the courage to stop and live into what we don't know, the humility to return years later, and the courage to use the blood of our life as the colors needed to finish the embrace. This is the unfolding of the human flower. Until the face of our soul and the face we show the world is one, the same.” Mark Nepo.


This is the place for the monthly Spanish lesson.

Today’s phrase is: “Que tenga buen dia.”  This means, “Have a good day.”

Try to use this one as often as you can!


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