Surfside ADI Info

Good evening. On behalf of the Surfside Owners Association, we wish to inform you of the progress in the procedures for the registration of the ADI Surfside.

This Wedenesday we met at the regional office in Liberia with the executive of DINADECO (National Direction for Community Development), this is the government entity in charge of Community Development Associations. We have formally delivered all the legal and administrative documents in accordance with the regulations and laws, we have been confirmed that our neighborhood meets each of the requirements to have its own ADI soon.

The last pending procedure is the on-site inspection that will be carried out this Saturday by a DINADECO official, after that final inspection, they will pass the final documentation to the DINADECO direction for the final approval of the ADI and the authorization for the call of the assembly and the legalization of the ADI SURFSIDE.

Regarding the restructuring of the ADI of Potrero Centro, we encourage the inhabitants of that community to participate in its assembly this Saturday and we wish it much success in the formation of its Association.

DINADECO has informed us as well that there is no conflict whatsoever or any obstacle for each community to be independent with its own ADI, and instead of being an inconvenience, it is rather advantageous for each ADI to work in small territories where the projects are viable and in accordance with the specific needs of each neighborhood.

Remember that to be members of an ADI it is not required to have Costa Rican citizenship or permanent residence, just being a resident of the community is enough to actively participate in community initiatives through the ADI of your community.

Sincerely we encourage each one of you to support the ADI of your neighborhood or community.

If you have any doubts or question about the ADI Surfiside, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Arturo Soto

SOA President.

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