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Hello all! Tonight the Surfside POA had a two hour board meeting.

We discussed:

Green space preservation

Road surface improvement

Drainage and flooding management planning

The Board voted to approve:

Funds to resurface roads in Surfside

Funds to pay for surveyor to assess all drainage in Surfside - $3000.00 USD

Our meeting included a civil engineer who has agreed to take our final survey and create a plan to make corrections and improvements to the water flow in Surfside. We will rely on fundraising and membership to be able to implement his plan – which has short term and long term steps. Please join the Association for 2021 as we need all the support we can get in order to fund these goals. We will also publish the plans and continue to push for private funding of these goals. Our legal action committee is also pushing for the involvement of Santa Cruz. Membership form should be completed here:

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