Board Update - January 2020

The board met today to formulate our plan of action for 2020. Our next meeting will be February 26. In that time, we will meet in workgroups that have been organized to take on specific issues in our community.

Security Committee will be chaired by Arturo and will be comprised of board members and other association members with expertise in security.

Roads and Infrastructure Committee will be chaired by Lindsey and will work on things like illegal signs, pedestrian bridges, bus stops and community beautification.

Fundraising and Membership Committee will be chaired by Molly Naughton and focus on membership value, responsiveness and funds generation.

Environment and Health Committee will be chaired by Justin and focus on recycling, trash, beach access, preservation and health education.

Legal Action committee will be chaired by Ivannia and take on lobbying and municipality actions.

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