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Guidelines for Use of the Surfside POA Business Advertising and Info Chat

Please remember that every post goes to approximately 175 members.

Post judiciously and make effective use of private messaging when necessary.

Questions or suggestions please private message the Surfside Treasurer, or email to Thanks.

  • The Surfside POA Business Advertising and Info Chat is a forum for our paid POA member businesses to advertise and for POA members to post comments, positive experiences, recommendations, questions, etc.

  • Business member benefits include: 

    • Posting advertising easily to about 175 POA members enabling them to support our local businesses, 

    • Listing on the POA website, 

    • Periodic mentions in the community chat

    • Positive customer recommendations that generate additional business 

  • Member businesses may post information about special events, special entertainment or performers, charitable gatherings and other one-time occurrences (i.e. - Arabian Night at Whiskey Howler, Shack sponsored baseball on July 4th, etc.).

  • Occasional postings by our business members would be appropriate for repetitive items (i.e. - Friday wing night and live music at Perlas, Member's Day first Friday of every month at Sailing Center, a schedule of December sailing classes, Sundays Daren Talbot at Beach House, Tuesday tacos at Bahia, come to Krain for your real estate needs, Saturday bingo, etc.).

  • Daily or weekly ongoing events that never change are appropriate for occasional posts, (i.e. – fresh pastry every day, we have coffee, best burgers in town).

  • Posting should be for announcements that benefit the local community Surfside POA members.

  • The goal is to provide information about local happenings, entice more local businesses to join the POA, and increase our sense of community and communication.

  • Administrative postings for your business are not appropriate.

  • Please make your posts positive. 

  • Most members are in both the Membership Chat and the Business Info Chat, so please post in the appropriate chat but not both.

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